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My work is inspired by mother earth’s mysterious geode rocks. These rocks are fascinating to the eye and I have based my work on the magnificence of this element. The one thing you will notice about my art work is that it expresses beauty, but the lines within the colors of the acrylic are anything but perfect.


The level of imperfection in the lines of the geode represent my connection to the piece. In my own life, perfection is something I struggle with. When I pour the lines, I am in a trance of how each glitter/acrylic pour can blend together and create mindfulness. The art is imperfect in every way yet is seen as perfect in other people’s eyes.


When I started resin acrylic pouring, I was optimistic about the way I could change modern geode art into something that did not always need to have fine lines. The reason for choosing the glitter, colors and eye drawing gems were clear. First, this detailed process is perfect for my personality in accepting challenges. Second, this style of the imperfect geode leaves me so much opportunity to create art that others can relate to. Finally, being able to create mother earth’s gift is also a gift to my eyes in the form of art


“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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