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Private Group Resin Denver Art Classes

Have you wanted to learn how to make geode resin art? Well this Denver art class is for you! We now are offering private group parties of 5-8 people. Denver Private parties are great for Denver Bachelorette parties, book clubs, birthday's, or fun with family and friends!


Step 1:

Email Siera with the times and days you are wanting to host your private party.


Step 2:

Complete your payment to lock in your day.

5 people is $100 per person

6 people is $90 per person

7 people is $80 per person

8 people is $75 per person

Step 3: 

The class will include all supplies. The class is done with a 10in x 10in canvas. You get to choose any color combo. Your art is yours to keep after 24-48 hours of curing.


Geode Resin Art Class 101

**includes ALL supplies and materials (approx. 2 hrs.)

  • how to set up a resin art workspace/studio/materials needed

  • the truth about safety, how to protect yourself & why

  • coloring epoxy (learn w/ what, why, how to choose, and "The Secret")

  • additives & modifiers

  • essential tools & supplies (don't waste $$ on stuff you do not need)

  • learn the basic techniques to create different effects 

  • make a resin art painting or project

  1. A personalized class, tailored to your specific wants, experience & skill level

  2. One-on-One instruction

  3. A 15% discount on any ArtnGlow epoxy resin products & supply purchases

  4. Your artwork is yours to keep

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