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Resin Art Class Registration Now Open!

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resin art class denver

about The clASS

During this class we will be making geode resin art on a 10in by 10in canvas. You get to pick what color combos you want to do.

**includes ALL supplies and materials (approx. 1-1.5 hr.)

  • Learn how to pour resin

  • Learn about the supplies needed for resin art
  • Practice torching & using a heat gun

  • Class recap, questions answered

  • Learn to professionally finish your artwork

  • A 15% discount on any ArtnGlow epoxy resin products & supply purchases

  • Your artwork is yours to keep

Ready to learn how to make geode resin art? This class is for you!


No longer do you have to search several sites to learn how to make geode resin art. This class will teach you:

  • The supplies needed to get started

  • How to prep your canvas

  • How to prep your gems and color combos

  • The basics of using resin

  • Mistakes to avoid that can cause your art to become ruined

  • How to use a heat gun

  • The finish touches

Geode Resin Art for Beginners


Are you thinking about starting resin art for a hobby, to gift, or to sell and start your own business? This course will help you learn the step-by-step process. Siera created this course because she saw the need to educate everyone on how to geode resin art.

"My first art show I was preparing for, I had to throw away one of my geode canvas art that took me 30 hours because I did not know how to properly mix and use resin. The YouTube videos I watched to learn how to create this art left out important steps that ruined my art. I created this class to leave out the guess work and to show you how to get started with every step."


Denver Art Class
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